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Water heater repair services for King County

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Cahill’s Plumbing provides water heater service for all manufacturers, regardless of age or model. Call us now if you know you need repair, maintenance, or aren’t sure if you need installation. Let our team of skilled technicians help you. We are on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to come to your rescue.


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Our maintenance department has the skills, experience and parts to handle virtually any situation with your unit, regardless of make or model, electric or gas. We have the correct parts usually right on the truck to solve your problem. Do not attempt a repair yourself. You could be seriously scalded. Leave the job to Cahill’s professional plumbers.


Water heater service could definitely be what you need for a variety of reasons. Some symptoms are very plain to see like a puddle or drip under your unit, or cold water running from multiple faucets, especially if there has been little or no use of the system.


That is the primary reason most people call us for troubleshooting.


If you are considering water heater replacement just call and we will schedule a complete home evaluation for the system that is perfect for you and your entire family. Our product lines cover all the options and fit most any budget. We have both Residential and Commercial Water Heaters available.